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Who Has Been Hiding In My Closet?

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This summer stiletto heels are Hot! Hot! Hot!   While the door has not completely shut on my platforms from Summer 2012, it does look like it is starting to close. It is as if those who decree current trends have installed some secret camera in my closet viewing what I have chosen to keep and what I have given away.

For the last few seasons or two or three the unworn stilettos have remained on my shelf, in the corner away from my platform heels and wedges. Finally, at the end of last summer, I threw them into the giveaway pile deciding at this point they were taking up too much valuable closet space.

Not even one year later, as predictable as can be, all I see in every fashion magazine are quotes such as this “Sexy stilettos in! Clumsy footwear out!!!” As if the timing was inevitable.

Unfortunately for me, this is not the first time I have been undermined by current trends. I have vivid flashbacks to a few years ago when when the fashion guru’s proclaimed, “Pins in!”

I loved this trend! I bought pins everywhere and put them on every sweater and every blouse. I thought they were perfect and added just the right amount of bling and sophistication to my otherwise boring black shirt.  I can vividly remember the beautiful holiday display at Neiman Marcus with racks and racks of sparking gold and silver pins on the tops of the jewelry counters.

Then came the inevitable news from the trendsetters. The following year pins were declared “out” and cocktail rings “in”.  I hesitated on this fashion for a year or two. I had been badly burned. My investment of pins was almost an embarrassment, and to wear them would scream that I was “so last season.”  Eventually I bought a cocktail ring or two, and after another year two of the trend hanging in there, I started to give away some of the pins.  Any day now pins should be a “must have”.

While a new pair of stilettos may prove to be right on trend for summer 2013, I wouldn’t give those platforms away, maybe just move them to a higher shelf for now.


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3 Responses to Who Has Been Hiding In My Closet?

  1. anita hack says:

    I will share with you the best fashion advise I ever received. If you bought it the first time when it was HOT and IN, you should probably not wear it when it comes back in fashion. Case in point: hot pants and belly shirts!

    I would probably hold onto those pins, though. Classy jewelry is in a whole other category.

  2. Francine Hack says:

    I should have kept my go-go boots and Dad’s
    Leisure Suit

  3. Karen Lippowiths says:

    So much for my two-year-old slip on mules . . . I guess I’m hopelessly WAY out of fashion . . . again this year. Well-done as usual :)

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