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When Epic Fashion is Too Much

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When I was growing up my parents would come back from a Saturday night party and make remarks such as “It was a lovely evening,” or “we had a very nice time, they are always good company.”   When my parents expressed these sentiments they genuinely meant them.

Today those remarks seem bland and boring.   Now nights out are “insane”, “epic”, “off the hook”.  Somehow it seems like to just go out and open a bottle of wine with friends and have a good laugh and conversation is not enough.  Just as we tend to expect too much from our nights out, we expect too much from our style.

It is not enough to look attractive or beautiful, we want to look like Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman when she is accepting an academy award.   There are numerous problems with this theory.

Sometimes our expectations are so high, it paralyzes us.

Knowing I will never look like Angie Harmon, I am more likely to throw in the towel and run around in a pair of old jeans which no longer fit and no makeup than if I was just trying to look like a more polished version of myself.

Now that Vogue’s infamous September Issue is on my nightstand, I am reminded of this as I flip through every page.  It is safe to say I will never wear any of those outfits or attend any of those events.  However, I do plan on leaving my house this fall and I’d like to look and feel great when I do.

I like to buy new clothes for new seasons, and this fall while I might not purchase a show stopping $15,000 “faux” fur purple Gucci coat, I may purchase a new full length cashmere or wool dress coat.  That is fantastic, that is enough. My outfit won’t be insane or rock anyone’s world, but it is stylish, sharp, appropriate, wearable and beautiful.

Generally, many of us seem to have the attitude when it comes to shopping and buying something new that “I don’t really have anywhere special or different to go, so I won’t buy anything new.”

As an alternative, here are some new thoughts for 2012:

“Although the academy has not asked me to present at this years golden globes, these new black pants make my behind look like a million dollars”

“Although my ensemble wouldn’t be considered boho chic by a celebrity stylist, I always look put together and professional and feel confident and sexy when I walk out the door.”

“Seeing as how Harry Winston did not sponsor me with jewelry for New Years Eve, I am going to buy a fab pair of hoops and own my look.”

As fabulous women going into fall 2012, let’s aim for fashionable, stylish, fun, flirty, trendy, confident, put together, beautiful and polished as our fashion goal.   To be honest, I was never comfortable wearing insanely epic shoes to begin with.





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2 Responses to When Epic Fashion is Too Much

  1. rachel robinson says:

    somehow I always feel as though you are speaking right to me! Not only do you have awesome advice… but your writing style is fun and interesting! love it

  2. Thank you, Mara, for spot-on, sensible advice for women everywhere. We all have the option to embrace and celebrate our best selves. (A confident version of “self,” trumps an aesthetically beautiful copy of someone else any day of the week.)

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