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Real Time Style

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We all know it cannot be done in 30 minutes. The preparation maybe, but that’s about it. Although I do enjoy the show and have prepared many of the meals myself, the title “30 minute meals” is spin at best.

While 30 minutes describes the prep time, it does not include all the other time involved; the time it takes to go to the market, get organized, set the table, clear the table, wash the dishes, and finally run the dishwasher and the washing machine. Because somehow making a 30-minute meal involves using every dishtowel you own.

I am embarrassed to add up the minutes for last night’s 30 minute meal, considering the fact that after my trip to the market, I realized that I purchased a major ingredient* wrong, and had no choice but to send my husband back to the store.

While an entire dinner from start to finish is nearly impossible to achieve in 30 minutes, looking fantastic can be. In a recent blog for the personal shopping website MyStyleGenie, I encouraged readers to spend an extra three minutes a day on themselves, making themselves look and feel better.

I recognize that taking care of yourself is and ongoing process and clearly something that takes more than 3 minutes, However, with style it is possible to  accomplish something in a 3-5 minute time span. A quick application of lipstick, mascara or concealer or tying on a bright colored scarf to spice up a black turtleneck and jeans is an easy and uncomplicated way to boost your mood with some style.

At this point you may suggest, I have not taken into consideration the time it takes to go to the mall to go shopping. But next time you are at the grocery store, throw in one of the new L’Oreal or Cover Girl Mascaras as you are racing through. Some of my favorite products are ones I picked up for a quick last minute fix.

Fashion and makeup take time and effort, yet luckily, the effort that is put in is disproportionate to the result. An application of lipstick as you run out the door can cause you to hold your head a little higher and zipping up a great pair of boots is sure make the last remaining days of winter feel less depressing.

It can be done. You can have real time style in 3- 5 minutes.

*Non-professional cooks like myself should be warned that cooked shrimp is not the same as raw shrimp. When making a shrimp scampi linguini it is raw shrimp that is required, apparently cooked shrimp is already cooked.

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2 Responses to Real Time Style

  1. Karen Lippowiths says:

    Great, as usual :)

  2. Francine Hack says:

    Great comments.
    Hope 3-5 minutes work for those over 65.

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