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New Years Resolutions for 2013

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New Years Resolutions for 2013

In Style for 2013:
Feeling Fabulous about Yourself

Out of Style for 2013:
Feeling Guilty about Everything

As women leading busy, overscheduled lives, many of us can relate feelings such as the ones below:

I feel guilty today because:

o I left my kids for an hour this morning to exercise.
o I had to get a sitter to get my hair cut.
o I can’t shower, get dressed, put on makeup or blow out my hair because then the dishes won’t make it to the dishwasher and the beds won’t get made.
o I went out to lunch with a girlfriend instead of doing errands.
o I spent money on makeup, clothes or myself.

Things I did to take care of myself today and made me feel good:

o I cooked a healthy dinner for my family.
o I responded to e-mails.
o I met the looming deadline and paid my credit cards on time.
o I got through the pile of laundry.
o I woke up early to meditate and have a cup of coffee by myself.

One problem with the above lists is that the second list has very little to do with taking care of yourself, and the first has everything to do with it.

My 91 year old grandma knows something my generation doesn’t. Taking care of herself is a priority. Every morning of her adult life she exercises, she would never leave the house without lipstick and has her hair done once a week even though she is not attending any major events. Her contemporaries are equally as smart, there are hairdressers who come to nursing homes to wash and dry women’s hair and polish their nails, many of which will most likely never leave the home.

This is the first year in several that I am not home all day with a child. Both my children are in elementary school all day. Having more time to myself, I decided to work some additional hours and then I went ahead and made a few doctors appointments for issues I had been putting off addressing.

Turns out there were many appointments on my to do list that I was finally getting to. I went to the dermatologist, the ophthalmologist, the podiatrist, the endocrinologist, a cosmetic surgeon and the dentist.

Then, presumably because I was feeling good, I began doing things I had no intention of doing at the onset of the year. I started running, I began writing more, I picked up more freelance makeup work, I started laughing more and spending more time with friends that I really enjoy and less time with people I did not. I started to travel again and went to the movies with my husband. I read more and watched TV less. I planted strawberry bushes and tomatoes with my children. I made my bed in the morning. I started to stand my ground more and give into peer pressure less.

I am a self-proclaimed makeover show addict. I will watch any television show with a makeover segment. Consistently, women who have had makeovers describe them as life changing. Almost always they say it increased their self-esteem and/or it caused them to go after a promotion they always wanted. I have yet to hear anyone say, “the hair and makeup and new clothes were nice, but it was no big deal.”

It turns out that taking care of yourself is a big deal.

For 2013, let’s resolve to take care of ourselves as women, the dishes and e-mails can wait.

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5 Responses to New Years Resolutions for 2013

  1. Carrie Doelle says:

    Great blog!! I enjoyed everything you said:) I am going to work on taking better care of myself and maybe a little makeover wouldn’t hurt!
    Thank you for sending!!

  2. anita says:

    I have missed your reading posts. You make me feel guilty for not spending more time on myself! Now if you would just drag me to the gym…. Glad to hear your voice again.

  3. Karen Lippowiths says:

    Love this, Mara! Keep up the inspiring and entertaining posts! Also, I’m grateful that you spend precious time with me :)

  4. Lauren Bruss says:

    I always enjoy your blogs and that they pay attention to “inside beauty” as well as your make-up and fashion updates!

  5. Francine Hack says:

    I loved your comments. It takes a llifetime
    to learn to care for yourself. Great Blog.

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